Liquid Extracts

Herbal Goodness Liquid Extracts come to you from premium Super Fruits and Super Herbs.

Sourced from Organic farms through fair trade practices, Herbal Goodness has the utmost respect for the land and the farmers who cultivate it, to grow the best quality fruits and produce the purest liquid extractions with maximum health benefits and outcomes.


Liquid supplements are processed through the digestive system faster and are absorbed in your bloodstream faster than pills. Furthermore, studies show that your body absorbs a higher percentage of minerals and vitamins that come in liquid form.

Try our various size options for on-the-go healthy lifestyle solutions!

  • Our Liquid Herbals are the strongest 10:1 extracts which means they are 10 times more concentrated than a tea version. This helps us stand out and ensure we deliver herbal benefits faster.

  • Your body begins absorbing liquid extracts as soon as they reach your mouth, stomach, and small intestine. For some natural herbs, the effect begins when the extract touches your tongue.