Our Team

Herbal Goodness is run by a truly phenomenal team of people dedicated to healthy living, supporting the environment and sharing the amazing goodness of superfoods and herbs. We are excitement about a healthy future.

We are huge on innovation, creativity and mindfulness! Our office is located in McKinney, Texas and our remote team is spread out over several countries including Asia (Philippines); South America (Colombia); Africa (Nigeria) and the Caribbeans. We make the world a healthier place.

Join us!

Unoma Okorafor Ph.D.- Herbal Goodness Unoma Okorafor Ph.D. - Founder & CEO | Herbal Goodness
Born in Nigeria, Dr. Unoma Okorafor obtained her Master's degree from Rice University and her Ph.D.   from   Texas A & M University, both in Computer   Engineering. Prior to founding Herbal Goodness, Dr.   Okorafor worked as a software engineer and technical lead at the Education Technology Division of Texas   Instruments. She has also worked in leading research labs including Intel, Hewlett Packard, and IBM. Unoma enjoys working on creative ideas and applying her software knowledge to implement highly efficient and innovative processes and systems at Herbal Goodness.

A 2013 recipient of the Anita Borg Institute Change Agent Award and the 2016 GEM Tech Award by ITU and UN Women, a graduate of INSEAD and Stanford University's Executive Program in Social Entrepreneurship, Dr. Okorafor is a passionate social entrepreneur and founder of the 501(c) non-profit Working to Advance African Women (WAAW) Foundation, which promotes STEM education for girls in Africa. Continuing in her efforts to help and educate the world, Unoma participates in speaking engagements at events such as SXSW. She is passionate about healthy living and sharing her great love for papaya with people everywhere. She enjoys hanging out with her family.






Chantal Umana | Herbal GoodnessChantal Umana - Business Development Manager  | Herbal Goodness

Chantal is the Business Development Manager at Herbal Goodness. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Master's degree in Health Services Administration. Prior to Herbal Goodness, Chantal served as the Director of Office Administration at Lifenet Texas. Chantal is passionate about fostering healthy communities by specifically addressing mental health, poverty, and addiction. She leads a minimalist lifestyle and is also co-founder of a sustainable travel company. Chantal believes that wholesome health in body and mind begins with good nutrition.


Misha Frey - Herbal GoodnessMisha Frey - Director of Operations | Herbal Goodness

Misha has spent the last 11 years working in the Nutraceutical and Consumer Packaged Goods Industries.  Misha has extensive experience in many areas of Operations (Product Development, Inventory Management, Regulatory/Compliance, Vendor/Supplier Relationship).  Misha also spent time in the Financial Services Industry as a Financial Advisor for JP Morgan Chase.

Lorraine Cook - Customer Care Manager | Herbal Goodness              

Lorraine brings over 25 years of sales and customer service experience to bear at Herbal Goodness. She is extremely passionate about connecting with people and building lasting relationships. Lorraine began her career with Associated Medical Products as a customer service manager before moving on to Experian Corporation, where she worked for over 20 years as a senior account manager. In her starting role, Lorraine was an on the sales and support team managing several categories of accounts. As a senior account manager, she oversaw major accounts including Ford, Toyota, Chase, Bank of America, Neiman Marcus and JC Penney. 

Prior to Herbal Goodness, Lorraine was customer relations consultant, providing training to increase revenue for partner organizations. She has completed several high-level sales professional courses. Lorraine says, "By employing our creativity, challenging assumptions and constantly listening to our customers, we are helping to define the future of effective herbal remedies in the marketplace. I love to personally connect with customers and enjoy hearing their testimonials about how our products are helping them, and their feedback on what we can do better. I'm here to see things from the customers perspective. I always tell them, I am first and foremost on their side."


Ayinuola Monica Olaoye ACA - Bookkeeper & Finance Associate | Herbal Goodness

Monica is the bookkeeper & finance associate at Herbal Goodness. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from the Ekiti State University and is also an associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria [ICAN]. She started her career as an Accountant with Fast Credit Limited, before going on to work as a consultant with Pierre Consulting.  She is very passionate about giving back to her community and has received awards for her work with Sustainable Developments Goals, volunteering as a Development knowledge facilitator towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs). She enjoys reading, learning new things, and listening to music. 


Mary Ojogbo - Executive Administrative Associate | Herbal Goodness

"A graduate of the University of Ibadan ,Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, Mary, obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Forest Resources Management. During her one year mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program, Mary served at National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA), where she worked directly with the National Oil Spill Monitor (NOSM) Team responsible for maintaining a standard Oil spill database for the Agency, as a Data Entry Officer.
Prior to Herbal Goodness, Mary worked at Dews and Petals Ltd, a Pest Control and Relocation Company. She was a pioneer staff and initially occupied the position of Client Relations Manager and later on promoted to Administrative and Financial Manager.
Mary enjoys listening to music and reading books. She is very passionate about the environment, healthy living and helping people."