Digestion Aid

You may be surprised to learn that your digestive tract and immune system are closely tied together. Your digestive tract is actually responsible for a lot of the daily functions in your body that you're probably not aware of. Your digestive tract relies on the abundance of "good bacteria" to function properly, but it works vice versa as well.

Your immune system also relies on your digestive tract for strength and consistency. The reason why your digestive tract is so important to your immunity is that you take in so many pathogenic organisms each day.

The digestive tract has most of the innate immune responses in your body that naturally kill bacteria from saliva and stomach acid. A clean digestive tract, therefore, helps the immune system focus on and protect the rest of the body through its automatic responses.

This is why it's so important to create a well-rounded diet that includes foods that naturally help to cleanse out your digestive tract and keep it healthy - it's connected to so much of your wellbeing!

At Herbal Goodness we offer our organic non-GMO papaya leaf extracts that promote healthy digestion. We also carry our papaya seed powder and liquid extract, which aids in cleansing the digestive tract.