Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth, sometimes growing up to 12 feet a year! The health benefits of bamboo leaves aid your overall well being because bamboo is rich in key vitamins, minerals and that long sought after, Silica. Containing 70% of Silica, pure vegan collagen, organic, non-GMO bamboo leaves support youthful skin, and stronger hair, skin, nails & joints. 

For centuries, women in India, Southeast Asia, and East Asia have made bamboo a daily supplemental health routine. It could be behind the slow aging process that these women enjoy.

Considering its benefits, it's easy to understand why non-GMO bamboo products like our Bamboo liquid extract, Bamboo tea, Bamboo bulk dried leaves, and capsules make great gifts for everyone...especially mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters.

Bamboo has the highest levels of naturally occurring Silica. In addition to giving your skin its youthful bounce, Silica strengthens nails, hair, bones and joints. It does this because Silica aids collagen formation.

Some women have seen collagen results in as little as three months. Specifically, they noticed that their hair stopped falling out, their skin was smoother and their nails were stronger.