Dr. Unoma at our Kenyan Farm

About Our Company

Herbal Goodness is a premium manufacturer of unique superfoods and herbal formulations that empower people to live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives through personalized holistic wellbeing, while empowering women.

Our Mission

To promote natural health and holistic wellbeing through the power of Herbs and Superfoods, while empowering women!


  • Provide potent unique herbal formulations.
  • Educate and provide research-backed studies.
  • Provide personalized support services as consultations, non invasive diagnostics and custom blends.
  • Give 10% of our profits to female empowerment initiatives including education of girls in Africa, support for female farmers and female entrepreneurship initiatives.

Our Vision

  • BRAND: Become a global personalized wellness brand.
  • REVENUE: $100 Million.
  • IMPACT: Donate over $2 Million to support education girls in Africa.

Our Core Values

Our Cultural Competencies

  • Growth Minded & Curious Learner.
  • Relentless Self-Driven Thinker & Action Taker.
  • Competent & Meticulous Excellence.
  • Fearless with Positive, Can-do Spirit.
  • Over & Above Results-Driven.
  • Collaborative Team Contributor.
  • Passionate about Brand & Holistic Wellness.

Our culture places the highest value on honestyintegrity and respect for all humans. Founded on biblical principles, we always strive for the highest ethical standards.

At Herbal Goodness, we source and manufacture natural wellness products and premium quality superfoods including herbal extracts, holistic health teas, organic herbal supplements, holistic nutrition supplements, natural women's health supplements, nutraceuticals, and smoothie powders. As a WBENC-certified 100% women-owned and MBE-certified minority-owned business, we inspire individuals to respect Mother Earth, embrace a healthy lifestyle, and explore the benefits of organic detox teas and superfoods made from unique herbs such as Papaya Leaf, Graviola (Soursop), Guava, Moringa, Bamboo, Mango leaf, Avocado leaf, Gymnema, Chanca Piedra, Cat's Claw, Guayusa, Matcha, and functional blends including Man Up, Hormone Health, Sleep Support, and Gut Health

No nonsense, No BS, No bad-for-you ingredients, No chemicals! Just Clean Labels made only with plants grown the way food should be!

Our Commitment To Quality

Why Organic?

The USDA Organic icon on our products certifies what is inside to be free of chemical pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, GMOs, and all other prohibited substances, as defined by the FDA.

Look for the USDA logo as your assurance that our products meet this high standard, with uncompromising purity and flavor you will enjoy!

Additionally, we are committed to Non-Invasive health diagnostics to ensure the highest quality and safety of our products.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability to us means that we care about the environment and keeping mother earth healthy for generations to come.

It means using recyclable materials that will decompose in 40 years or less, embracing practices that nourish and replenish the earth and feed the micro-organizms the help keep soil healthy. It means zero waste, renewable energy, re-using water, and green packaging where available.

  • We support organic farming practices, use of non-GMO seeds.
  • We visit our farmers and help them test their soil and teach them practices to keep their land healthy.
  • We empower our farmers and their communities through fair trade practices.
  • Through our giving, we increase the availability of chemical free, organic food.

Doing Business, While Doing Good. Giving back is in our DNA.

Our Commitment To Impact

  • 10% of our profits support education of underserved girls in Africa. We believe in business for social good!
  • We provide educational scholarships to children of our female farmers.
  • We drive female empowerment initiatives that provide nontraditional, flexible work solutions for mothers. 

What Makes Us Extra Special?

  • Our exclusive focus on superfoods along with our years of experience sourcing unique ingredients make us experts in our superfoods and herbs.
  • We spend time and resources traveling the world in search of the best quality ingredients. You can trust that we never compromise our standards.
  • With 5-star customer service, we care personally about our customers and have personal relationships with so many of you! We are eager to improve and value feedback and teamwork. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means that if you're not happy with our products, you get your money back.
  • As a 100% minority-owned business, our strong background in software engineering enables us to employ cutting-edge technologies to significantly improve operational efficiencies and pass the savings on to our customers.
  • Additionally, we offer Herbal Wellness Programs to support your health journey comprehensively.

Our History

As with life, health is a journey. The journey of wellness is not once and done, but once and again.

Meet Our Founder, Unoma Okorafor, Ph.D. (Computer Engineering)

Herbal Goodness was founded in 2013 by Dr. Unoma Okorafor, a native of Nigeria, West Africa, while on a personal journey to find papaya leaf products to support her pregnancy. Having been raised daily eating fresh organic papayas, just off the trees in her native country, she was shocked to discover the radical differences both in taste and nutritional content, between the wild grown organic papaya she grew up with, and the gmo papaya varieties abundant in stores in the U.S.A.

Knowing the amazing health benefits of truly organic papayas, she started searching grocery stores and natural health food stores for any products that compared to the papaya of her youth, but was surprised to realize such products did not exist. This set her on a journey to source and provide the best quality products, starting with Papaya and expanding into other unique nutrient-dense super foods.

Today, Dr. Okorafor remains passionate about supporting the health of women and men across the globe through premium quality plant based diet. Her company, Herbal Goodness, continues to source and produce the highest quality super fruits.

We Believe In Business For Social Good

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