Giving And Social Impact

WAAW Foundation LogoSupporting education for girls in Africa and giving back to the communities where our farmers live.

As a women owned company that relies on technology, we strongly believe that the two best investments in emerging economies are in female education and technology innovation.

We give 10% of profits to support WAAW Foundation, a 501(c) non profit organization dedicated to promoting science, technology, engineering and math education for girls in Africa. WAAW provides academic scholarships, STEM camp for girls and STEM college to secondary outreaches in Africa.

Educate a girl and you educate a community. WAAW Foundation - STEM Education for African girls
Educated girls marry later, have a choice in who they marry, have fewer, more educated children, are less prone to HIV and other diseases, and contribute significantly to their communities. Technology innovation will solve many of the problems in developing countries such as energy, drought, hunger and disease.

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