Bulk Herbs

Our Bulk Herbs are made with the highest quality organic non-GMO ingredients to provide amazing benefits for healthy living. Brew your own tea with full leaf bulk herbs.


The range of health benefits you can obtain from Herbal Goodness' Bulk Herbs collection include Digestive Enzyme, Gut, Platelet Boost, Support Immunity, Remove Toxins, Support Focus, Energy & Vitality.

  • We source the highest quality grade herbs from the time our they are carefully planted in healthy, organic soil. Often grown in tropical climate, August and September are often the best times to plant.

  • Our herbs are tested for microbial and heavy metal content. Once certified, they are bagged, weighed and packaged for shipment to our manufacturing centers in the United States.

  • Upon arrival, leaves are isolated and tested again to confirm quality before they are sent to our manufacturing lines. We use the best quality, recyclable packaging to ensure you receive the freshest, most nutrient dense herbs in your tea cup!

What you are getting is a fully ethical product, grown by approximately 1800 small hold farmers and workers who support over 20,000 dependents.