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    As with many natural or plant-based resources, best black seed has been used by indigenous people to relieve discomfort and support the reduction of common respiratory issues.

    Among the benefits associated with black seed, there's support to maintain skin vitality and less reaction to plants and flowers during warmer months.

    Often referred to as the "blessed seed," Black cumin is derived from Nigella sativa. It's the seeds inside the fruit grown on this plant that are used to make oil and extracts, including the oil and extracts in Herbal Goodness' black cumin seed capsules and black cumin seed liquid extracts.

    If taken as a supplement, black cumin seeds can be used to help maintain intake and outtake balance while breathing.

    While being used in supplement form, black cumin seeds have also been used to support the maintenance of blood sugar.

    Because the best black seed is so strong, if you add the oil to a tea, you may want to add honey to dilute best black seed taste.

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