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Vitality is much more than a feature, we can say that vitality is a lifestyle. After all, a person with vitality is one who lives energetically, willingly and vigorously. Normally, in daily life, we talk about having vitality, recharging energy and feeling alive. Vitality is not only related to physical conditions such as energy, and positive disposition, according to R. Ryan and Frederick (1997), it also contains positive feeling and the possession of personal energy and psychological elements such as enthusiasm, inspiration and motivation.

Interestingly, serotonin and dopamine are 2 essential chemicals that affect our vitality, mental health, emotional health, and other bodily functions. Serotonin is a naturally occurring monoamine neurotransmitter that carries signals between nerve cells throughout your body. The serotonin hormone impacts calm moods, peacefulness, sleep, concentration, and body temperature. It also plays a role in bone health, and its imbalance can have a negative impact. Dopamine, on the other hand, is the gateway to energy and vitality. It is often called the feel-good hormone because it impacts motivation, vitality, desire, alertness, and blood flow. Endorphin is another hormone and neurotransmitter – just like serotonin and dopamine – associated with happiness and natural vitality. Endorphin hormones are known as the body's natural painkillers, capable of relieving pain when produced. Having healthy levels of these three neurotransmitters is essential for a vibrant life.

In addition, vitality is also related to the state of health of our organs, so our organs are vital from the moment they are functioning in perfect balance. For natural vitality to be our forte, we can adopt healthy habits as we age to pave the way for a happy future. We can stick to a healthy diet, for example. We can also refuse to let age slow us down by staying active – walking the dog or going for a morning run, for instance. And financially speaking, it pays to get into the habit of investing and/or saving early for retirement.

In many ways, being proactive about your bone health is like investing: the sooner you make it part of your routine, the more likely you are to reap the benefits. Experts recommend everyone make positive lifestyle choices for healthy bones. A big positive step you can take is to check your bone health regularly. Bone health is often taken too lightly and it is often too late in our life that we pay attention to it. Bones have many roles: they help give shape to the body, produce red blood cells, store essential minerals, protect vital organs and enable work and play. Throughout your life, your body constantly renews your bone tissue. It is important to understand and support this process to maintain a quality of life as you age, and to renew vitality for your overall emotional well being.

It's important to build and maintain healthy bones, regardless of your age or gender. It's never too early to prepare for the inevitable decrease in bone density that accompanies aging. Many factors influence the health of your bones, especially focusing on getting the vitamins and minerals your body needs to feel strong at any age. To maintain bone health and prevent health complications, you need calcium, which is abundant in dairy products and leafy greens, and also vitamin D which is found in fish or fortified foods. Vitamin D is essential for helping the body absorb calcium.

As your bones are made up of calcium, calcium is of the utmost importance in supporting your health. Recent studies show that the consumption of vitamin D, combined with magnesium and vitamin K2, in addition to calcium, is a guarantee for strong bones and great bone health. If you decide to take bone supplements, make sure that the doses, especially of calcium and vitamin D, are not excessive.

Remember that irrespective of your age, maintaining an active lifestyle is important for long-term health, prevention of age-related diseases, and maintaining physical fitness. Whether you're an avid athlete or have never played sports, it's always time to get moving and aim for natural vitality. Start today by restoring your joint and bone health with our liquid extracts, capsules and teas, especially designed to promote longevity, mobility, improve joint comfort, and strengthen your bones.
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