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Recent virus developments that are impacting people around the globe are forcing us to recognize just how fast a viral infection can spread. As with any virus, doing what it takes to strengthen your immune system can have a positive impact. Loading up on Vitamin C is a sure way to boost your immune system. You can get Vitamin C by eating foods like oranges, kale, papaya, cauliflower, broccoli, and bell peppers. Fortunately, antiviral herbs could also help to strengthen your immunity, even yielding better results. 

What Herbs Have Antiviral Properties?

In fact, using herbs with antiviral properties are a natural way to fight viruses, boost your immunity and regenerate your cells. Herb antiviral options work because these natural products support the immune system, and they may also help with the development of new antiviral drugs. In other words, the best herbs may help interrupt viral replication, and may also help to interrupt viral release.1 

However, the term antiviral herbs may be novel even at this time when vegetarian and vegan diets are not only gaining attention but, converting more people who are ready to take control of their overall health. So, let's take a closer look at natural herbs that may boost immunity. Two important questions that can shed light on these herbs are:

1.  Which herbs have antiviral properties? 

antiviral herbs herbal goodnesssOregano, sage, garlic, basil, peppermint, rosemary, and ginger all have antiviral properties. Other herbs with antiviral properties include licorice, olive leaf, lapacho, Papaya, and Graviola. Fortunately, several of these natural herbs are often a part of the common, everyday diet. In fact, Papaya and Graviola have been used to boost immunity for years. In parts of the world, these and other natural herbs have been used to help strengthen the immune system of people living in more than 50 countries. Happily, it's easy to get natural herbs. Health food companies like Herbal Goodness carry products like Papaya and Graviola. Indeed, Herbal Goodness makes it easy to order antiviral herbs online.

2. What are the best antiviral herbs?

different herbs herbal goodnessClearly, the best antiviral herbs are the ones that yield the strongest results, meaning that the herbs are effective viral inhibitors. Among the best-known herbs to support antiviral activity are papaya, ginger, kale, and Graviola, astragalus, Sambucus, lemon balm, and dandelion. Some of these herbs need to be extracted or purified before you can eat them. For example, it's recommended that unripe papaya be cooked before it's eaten. Environmentally friendly, natural food companies like Herbal Goodness prepare fresh antiviral herbs like Papaya and Graviola for you. So, by the time you get Green Papaya Fruit Powder, Papaya Leaf Tea, Graviola Leaves, or Graviola Matcha, the food has been cleaned and safely prepared for usage, all of which support your immune system. 

Natural Antiviral Herb Sources

You could either turn to new drugs to be developed to boost your immune system or take the homeopathic path of natural herbs like ginger, garlic, papaya and Graviola for that have been used for generations due to their immune-boosting properties. Yet, because several natural herbs are grown in faraway or remote places like the Amazon forest, Africa, Ecuador, and other parts of South America, you'll likely get the herbs from a health food store. 

graviola soursop herbal goodness

So, when it comes to the best antiviral support sources, Herbal Goodness is the front runner. Why? Not only does Herbal Goodness only use non-GMO products, it only works with farmers who grow herbs in soil that is GMO-free. Additionally, Herbal Goodness stays close to its farmers, making their well being a priority. One of the strongest ways in which Herbal Goodness demonstrates its concern for others is through their investment in STEM for girls and women in Africa. Each time you purchase products like Papaya and Graviola antiviral herbs from Herbal Goodness, in addition to supporting your immune system, you help support a young African girl's education. Click here to buy our Papaya Seeds and Graviola Products

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