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Mango infused water, peach infused water and orange infused water are the rave. Why? It has to do with body detox. Some may say that healthy living on a diet of infused water combinations is an effective and easy way to practice self-care. You might agree after you discover benefits gained from a body detox. 

Fruit And Water Body Detox

To begin, detoxing your body does more than flush toxins from your system. When you detox, you give your organs a break.1 It's this relief that could strengthen your organs and immunity, helping you to fight off toxins. 

Fasting, including intermittent fasting, is one way that you could detox. An easier way to detox is to cut back on carbs and proteins. But, don't worry. You can treat yourself to delicious fruit while you detox. In fact, you'll love the fruit and water detox. 

But, first, why else should you consider a detox? Weight loss, increased energy, smoother skin, stronger hair, better digestion and more mental clarity are benefits associated with a detox. Pump up your detox by adding antioxidants and vitamins and minerals using vegan fruit infused water combinations and Herbal Goodness natural fruit products. 

Pump Up Your Detox

Here are non-GMO Herbal Goodness natural fruit products that you could detox with if you're looking to add vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D and/or vitamin E to your diet: 

  • Herbal Goodness Papaya Leaf Extract (has vitamins C, E, potassium, iron)
  • Herbal Goodness Guava Leaf Extract (has vitamin C, potassium, magnesium)
  • Herbal Goodness Graviola Leaf Tea (has vitamins A, C, potassium) 

Also, because you're using some of the best fruit to put in water, when you add Herbal Goodness natural fruit products to your detox, you'll be pumping up the amount of vitamin C that you fuel your body with. Looking for great ideas when adding fruit to water? 

Slice fresh mango, pineapple, apples or peaches. Drop the fresh fruit into an eight ounce glass of fresh water. Oranges work well too. If you're not a fan of pulp, go with fruit that doesn't easily break apart in water. 

Strawberry Infused Water

To make strawberry infused water, mango infused water or cherry infused water, get a bottle with a lid on it. Your local department store might carry an infuser bottle. As a tip, the general sports bottle also works. 

Just make sure that you can fully submerge fruit in water inside the bottle. Here's how you can spice up strawberry infused water. Add two sticks of cinnamon and a teaspoon of Herbal Goodness Guava Leaves to the strawberries and water. For more taste, add a full cup of fresh strawberries to the water. 

Because you're detoxing, avoid adding sugar. After all, infused water combinations are about as close as you'll get to zero calories while enjoying great flavors. Even more, to pump up strawberry infused water, try slicing the strawberries and adding in orange and apple slices. Top with Herbal Goodness Guayusa Leaves. 

Improve Infused Water Combinations

Looking to add more variety to infused water combinations? Sprinkle fresh ground ginger into the water. Also, consider alternating fruit and water with a cup of herbal tea. You may find that eating fresh fruit and drinking strawberry infused water offers so much flavor that you don't feel hungry. Of course, you could also eat your favorite vegetable while enjoying a bottle of orange fused water. 

Other ways to detox are to exercise.2 Try to get your heart rate up while you exercise. Drinking plenty of herbal tea, and eating fresh fruit and vegetables are other ways to detox. To cleanse your skin, sit in a sauna. Consider treating yourself to a massage afterwards. 

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papaya leaf extractHerbal Goodness has dozens of non-GMO products that you can choose from to pump up different types of infused water. When you choose Herbal Goodness, you help to strengthen the environment because Herbal Goodness only works with non-GMO soil. You might also feel especially good after you realize that Herbal Goodness is a woman owned and managed healthy foods company that donates up to 10% of its profits to education for girls in Africa. Click here to get non-GMO Herbal Goodness, all-naturalch products.





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