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Maybe you have come across Graviola (also known as Soursop or Guanabana) before. If not you are not alone.... Graviola is the new superfruit taking the United States by storm. Just google the amazing health benefits of this fruit or click this link here to understand it more in detail. Now that you are all clued up, it is time to go into depth about Graviola Leaf Extract. It comes not only in liquid form but also in capsules! This is exciting news.

What's the Deal with Graviola Leaf Extract?

Firstly, let’s have a look at the capsules. Coming all the way from the Caribbean islands and the Amazon jungles you can expect nothing less than exotic. Usually Graviola was incorporated into medicines because of their therapeutic properties. With science doing what it does best, we have discovered that this plant is capable of much more. It can also help with cell-growth and function. Great for when your body needs that extra boost. Not only does it help physically, but also mentally! Graviola is great at helping to calm you down as well as helping to maintain your cheery and positive mood.


Over At Our Labs.

graviola leaf capsules

So what we, over at the Herbal Graviola labs, have done is to take the Graviola leaf and extract all these wonderful properties and collect them into lovely capsules, ready for your consumption. Rest assured that this extract also only comes from the best of the best non GMO Graviola leaf. So you will only be putting healthy supplements into your body. To find out more about our capsules please click here.

In the liquid form.

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graviola leaf  liquid extractNow we know about the Capsules, let us have a look at the liquid extract. They are exactly the same as capsules except, instead of taking two capsules daily as supplements, you can add liquid graviola leaf extract to almost anything. Making tea? Great, add a tablespoon. Making a smoothie or juice? Great, add a tablespoon. Luckily, for the days you are feeling lazy, you can take it by itself. Click here for more information on this product.

Are you ready to try it for yourself yet? For some recipe ideas of how to add Graviola Leaf extract to drinks or desserts click here.