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There are numerous advantages to drinking guava leaf tea, but it may also have some side effects or consequences if not properly used. However, due to their abundance of nutrients and phytochemicals, the leaves of Guava may be used to naturally boost health, without a lot of worries.

The adverse effects of guava leaf tea are discussed in this article.

Side effects of drinking guava leaf tea 

If you have allergies or if you drink too much guava leaf tea, you may encounter the following adverse effects:

  1. Skin irritation 

You should exercise caution while applying guava leaf tea or extract to your skin since it might irritate and exacerbate certain skin conditions, so be careful. People with sensitive skin should avoid using guava leaf extract since it contains compounds that might irritate their skin. Use guava leaf extract with care if you have sensitive skin.

Skin irritation
  1. Support Healthy Blood Sugar 

If you already have low blood sugar you may want to keep away from guava leaf tea since it may help to stabilize and maintain blood sugar at the lower levels. In this case, you may want to keep an eye on your blood sugar levels before using guava leaves tea for extended periods.

  1. Breastfeeding 

As a herbal tea, the guava leaf extract is safe. However, during nursing, beware that the child often gets some of the nutrients ingested by the mother through breast milk. If you are concerned about passing on the benefits of Guava leaf tea to your suckling infant, this is one area to be careful with.

  1. Menstrual Flow

Guava leaf tea may help to naturally support a regular menstrual cycle because the leaves naturally contain minor amounts of steroids, which is within the acceptable range for human consumption. Guava leaves may also contain secondary metabolites. During this time, do not take Guava leaves in high doses. For example, do not consume more than two to three cups of Guava Leaf Tea a day. In addition, eat foods rich in iron, such as fruits and leafy green vegetables.

  1. Disrupted Enzyme Function

Guava leaf tea contains natural enzymes to support a healthy gut. Enzymes are temperature sensitive, and this is particularly true of those in the stomach. When guava leaves are over-boiled, their phytochemical balance and beneficial enzyme functions may be disrupted. This is true for all-natural herbs that contain enzymes.  When the temperature rises over the typical range for specific enzymes, their enzymatic benefits are diminished. For Guava Leaf Tea, Use flash-boiled water and steep for 5 to 8 minutes to gain the maximum benefit from this herb.

      6. Improved Flatulence 

As funny as it sounds, flatulence may be caused by overconsumption of guava leaves. Because these leaves help to cleanse the guts, during the initial cleansing period, you may notice a lot of gas.

While there are some side effects to Guava Leaves, there are so many more natural health benefits. If taken moderately over a long period, you should enjoy the benefits of this amazing super herb.

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