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Mother's Day is such a fun, relaxing holiday filled with family, busy restaurant meals and sweet memories. It's your chance to shine, openly express your love for your mom through words, time and gifts. Unique Mother's Day gifts reveal just how much you know about your mom and other women in your life.

Of course, you could purchase traditional gifts like flowers, jewelry or a box of chocolates that you spot at a Mother's Day sale. But, traditional Mother's Day present ideas may not send the message that you want to convey. So, before you open your pocketbook or wallet, take the time to think about the mothers in your life.

Focus on Mom for Best Mother's Day Celebration Ideas

For example, are the moms in your life natural hair advocates? Are they passionate vegans, vegetarians or meat-eating nature lovers? Or are these amazing women fitness buffs, busy entrepreneurs or avid world travelers? If you're short on time, here's a quick tip.

This gift card offers a unique personal touch that makes it easy for moms to nourish their bodies with safe, healthy food products like Bamboo Leaf Tea, Graviola Leaf Extract, Guava Leaves or Papaya Leaf Tea. In addition to supporting their bodies, moms may love a Herbal Goodness gift card because Herbal Goodness donates 10% of its profits to support education for Africa's girls and women. There may be no better way to give a mother a gift that keeps on giving.

As you think about the passions, hobbies, and personal goals of the moms in your life, you might be surprised to discover that the best online Happy Mother's Day gifts are simple and inexpensive. Looking for Mother's Day present ideas? Check out these ideas for Mother's Day gifts.

Simple Mothers Day Gifts

  • Lightweight handbag (These are great Mother's Day gifts for Nan and great Mother's Day gifts for new moms). Choose the mom's favorite color. Want an added personal touch? Get the handbag engraved with the mom's first name or her initials.
  • Books in the genre that moms love to read
  • T-shirt or sweater that's designed with a 3D family picture on the front
  • Homemade dessert like a cake, pie, or prepare healthy meals that last mom a week. Pump up the healthiness in the food by adding papaya leaves, guava leaves, or bamboo leaves from Herbal Goodness to the recipe. 
  • Spa day
  • Her favorite cologne
  • Cozy pair of house slippers (What mom doesn't love having her feet pampered while she's relaxing?)

More Great Ideas for Mother's Day Gifts

Thanks to the fact that Mother's Day is a holiday that's celebrated in different parts of the world, you can get a gift for your mom, your partner's mom, or a friend in moments, especially if you shop and buy the gift online. For instance, Mother's Day gift basket ideas range from fruit baskets to floral arrangements to custom made gift baskets with a mix of colorful dried flowers, Herbal Goodness non-GMO products, scented candles, and a Herbal Goodness gift card.

It's also easy to find Mother's Day gift ideas from kids. For starters, kids could get mom a necklace with a gold or silver loop that has each kid's name engraved on a loop. Fingerprinted canvases, homemade Mother's Day cards, a decorative journal and breakfast in bed with an inviting cup of Herbal Goodness Graviola Leaf Tea are other great Mother's Day gift ideas from kids.

New moms might appreciate a weekend alone or the chance to treat themselves to an hour at a sports event, spa, live play or cool restaurant while you stay back and look after their children. You really can't go wrong when it comes to homemade Mother's Day gift ideas, especially if you take the time to think about what the mothers in your life appreciate and are passionate about.


First Mother's Day Gift Ideas

This is the one time when it's smart to think about "mom". For instance, keep moms in mind whether you buy them flowers or cards, simple Mother's Day gifts that moms have been receiving since the holiday officially kicked off in the United States in 1914.1 On the other hand, you could return to lavish Mother's Day celebrations of the ancient Greeks or ancient Romans, two areas where historic Mother's Day festivals were held.

Depending on the part of the world you're in, you could be celebrating Mother's Day in May or you could celebrate the holiday in August, the time when Thailand celebrates the holiday. Fortunately, wherever you are in the world, you can express your love. 


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