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These are exciting times filled with newness and great expectations. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year greetings generate feelings of hope, joy, peace, and unity, and, understandably so. After all, the start to a happy year could also be the beginning of an elevated level of success for you. You might be on the verge of a breakthrough, the type of achievement that could call for a toast with a warm, healthy glass of organic Herbal Goodness Guava Leaf Tea or Herbal Goodness Papaya Leaf Tea. 

Ready For A Happy Year

This success could happen to your family (maybe the birth of a baby or the purchase of a new home), a work promotion, business expansion, achieved fitness goal, improved health, or better eating habits. At first, glance, achieving a happy year appears easy. It's definitely rewarding. But, enjoying a happy new year takes honesty, focus, and right actions. Keep reading this article to discover practical ways to enjoy this new year month-after-month. 

At Herbal Goodness we love the fact that celebrations to usher in a happy year have been happening for about four millennia.1 It's good to know that people love celebrating new beginnings. The majority of the new year celebrations kick off on January 1. This is the same day that the Gregorian calendar starts. Furthermore, most countries follow the Gregorian calendar. But, not all countries designate January 1 as the day to recognize a new year. Here at Herbal Goodness, we'll share information about those celebrations further in this article. 

Global Happy Year Celebrations

Major corporations, small businesses, worship centers, schools, museums, and sports teams treat their members to Merry Christmas and Happy New Year events, including paid time off. As the world strives to become increasingly earth-friendly, diverse and healthy, in addition to using an inclusive happy new year gif in their designs, leaders may explore healthier food party options that are organic, use sustainable farming and support farmers through fair trade practices, actions that Herbal Goodness adheres to with a commitment that expresses the company's respect for humans of all ages and backgrounds year-round. 

Furthermore, regardless of when they use happy new year clip art and other resources to honor a new year, a lot goes into these celebrations. For instance, firecrackers, parades, family gatherings, and parties where healthy Herbal Goodness super greens and superfoods are served are ways that people recognize a new calendar year. In fact, HerbalGoodness papaya and guava superfoods have been eaten by people in different parts of the world for decades. 

Also, whether people are celebrating a Happy New Year in Spanish speaking countries or Happy New Year in Italian, visuals, food, and sound are incorporated. In the United States, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year are closely linked, with less than two weeks separating the two major holidays. Family traditions, including delicious homemade meals, are center stage in American homes from Christmas through January 1. 

More Global Happy Year Celebrations

More famous happy year events in the United States include the ball drop in New York City's Times Square, the Los Angeles Tournament of Roses Parade and Orlando, Florida DisneyWorld shows, and fireworks. London sets off bells and sirens in its Trafalgar Square.2 Israel celebrates the Jewish new year during Rosh Hashanah which generally occurs in September. 

Thailand rings in the new year during Songkran which is in April. Songkran goes on for three days. There are parades that highlight Buddha statutes. Korea takes five days to celebrate their new year which is recognized during Seollal. Another widely known happy year celebration is the Chinese New Year. These traditions span across 15 days. They are rich in color, lanterns, red envelopes, and dragons, including happy new year clipart with golden dragons, and duck, fish and rice, foods that can easily be complemented with warm Herbal Goodness Guava Leaf Tea. 

What Does Happy New Year Mean?

Are you a world traveler, a true explorer? Try attending every happy new year event, including Happy New Year in Japanese and Happy New Year in Italian festivities. You'd experience highlights of diverse cultures, learn global traditions and enjoy so much, including meeting welcoming people and experiencing the world under the splendor of different musical genres. 

But, why celebrate a new year whether you're uncorking champagne, toasting friends with a glass of HerbalGoodness Moringa Leaf Tea, or creating a Chinese banner with a happy new year gif? What's the meaning behind these celebrations? 

The new year is a time to reflect, to consider your prior decisions, and assess areas that you want to change. This is a reason why people make resolutions on New Year's Eve, share Psychology Today.3 Another time when you may reflect on your life and ponder rewarding life changes, such as eating and drinking healthier, is on your birthday. 

Make This A Happy Year

As you greet family, colleagues, and friends with Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, you might also acknowledge the challenges that you've overcome over the past year as well as the successes that you earned. You deserve it. This is a way to make 2021 a good year. Another way to make the new year good is to create one to three goals and outline specific actions that you will take to achieve those goals. 

And, those resolutions? If you want to enjoy a rewarding and happy year, don't be surprised if you make new year resolutions despite how many times you may have broken resolutions in the past. 

Here's the point. Making resolutions may help you to feel like you have more control over what happens to you in the future. Another way to help yourself enjoy a happy year is to make a promise to yourself that you'll be kinder, more patient, and communicate better. 

Get A Good Start With Herbal Goodness

You also might resolve to be more forgiving, understanding, and more peaceful, turning away from worry and stress. Meditating, getting outdoors in nature, journaling, pausing to appreciate, and spending time with family and friends are effective ways to reduce worry and stress. Another way to set yourself up for a happy year is to take care of yourself and nourish your body with organic superfoods, fruit, and teas. 

papaya leaf tea herbal goodness

These organic food and tea choices can help you to relax. For example, drinking a cup of Herbal Goodness Graviola Leaf Soursop Tea or Bamboo Leaf Tea an hour before bed could help you to unwind. Also, you may feel good knowing that HerbalGoodness donates 10% of its profits to the WAAW Foundation, an organization that supports education for girls living in Africa. Herbal Goodness also provides scholarships to children of the female farmers that the company works with. Click here to start this new year with healthy, Herbal Goodness Super Fruit products.


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