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Although generally used to lose weight, a carbohydrate blocker can affect your energy, concentration, sleep, and blood sugar. Keto diet plans are a good example of a metabolic boost. Atkins is another diet that aims to work as a protein world carb blocker. These diets work because they keep the body from having to breakdown and absorb carbohydrates. But, Keto and Atkin's diets require the type of discipline that you might struggle with.

What Metabolic Boosters Do

There may be an easier way. For instance, you could lose weight and reduce the effects of carbs on your body with a supplement that may have side effects. You could also opt for a more natural route, namely a metabolic booster like guava leaves or guava leaf tea. But, do metabolic boosters work? To answer that question, let's consider what a metabolic booster is supposed to do.

In simplest forms, the best boosters inhibits enzymes that allow the body to absorb carbohydrates.  Instead of absorbing carbs, your body can release the starch.  This is because boosters have alpha-amylase inhibitors. It's these inhibitors that could also aid in weight loss.1   

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Complex Versus Simple Carbs

Preventing your body from absorbing carbs offers benefits, weight loss is just one of the benefits. In fact, improved health may be the best benefit. Why? Once absorbed, carbohydrates release glucose into your blood.2  This is why simple carbs like candy, soft drinks, and desserts can give you a quick energy boost. 

Complex carbs like vegetables, fiber, and fruits take longer to breakdown. You might not get the energy rush from complex carbs as you get with simple carbs. But, you can support your blood sugar better and feel energized longer with complex carbs or a natural blocker like guava leaves. 

That's good news. Because although it may not be comforting, if your blood sugar rises too high or drops too low, that's not good. Effects of imbalanced blood sugar can be far-reaching, impacting vision, skin, and balance. Just make sure that you get your guava leaves from a company that's committed to only working with non-GMO products. 

After all, the last thing that you want is to think that you're eating healthy foods that may be weakened with dangerous GMOs. Herbal Goodness only gets products from areas that are free of GMOs. 

Lose Weight With Guava Leaves

Choose the healthy non-GMO route and this is where a blocker could really help. But, why guava leaves? As noted, blocker pills or supplements could come with side effects. For example, some blocker pills may cause gas, stomach pain, and diarrhea. Guava leaf tea or guava leaves are a natural carb blocker. Furthermore, guava leaves help slow the process of carbohydrates turning into sugar. 

On average, the guava fruit has about 37 calories. This fruit from Central and South America is rich in vitamin C. It doesn't raise blood sugar levels. Furthermore, the fiber in guava aids digestion and helps to keep you feeling full longer. 

Right off, this offers more than a blocking component. Add guava leaves or guava leaf tea to your daily diet and you could enjoy good energy levels without causing blood sugar spikes. You could also start to see the numbers drop on your bathroom scale. 

Improved Guava Leaves Weight Loss

To improve your chances of losing weight with guava leaves, eat a diet of proteins and complex carbs. Eliminate or reduce the number of empty calories in your diet. For example, instead of drinking a soda, try drinking a cup of guava leaf tea. 

Also, get outdoors for a walk, bike ride, swim, or run. You could also go hiking or dancing with friends. In other words, get moving. Engage in physical activities that you love to encourage yourself to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into your daily routine. 

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And add guava fruit to your diet. It offers a robust treat to your diet of guava leaves and guava leaf tea. Also, it might surprise you how much your body likes vitamin C in guava leaves. If you want to do more than lose weight, get guava leaf products from Herbal Goodness. After all, when you get your guava leaves from Herbal Goodness, you get the chance to support the education of African girls. 

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You also support farmers who work on non-GMO lands like farms in Ecuador, places where the environmentally friendly Herbal Goodness gets its fruit and plants. How can you do this? It's easy. Herbal Goodness donates 10% of its profits to a scholarship for Ecuador farmers and girls in Africa seeking an education. 

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