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Fruits and vegetables are a great source of many health properties that help us in living a healthy life. They provide for our daily nutrient needs. This is why stores are full of all kinds of vegetables including kale, spinach and so much more. Making a trip to the store just to buy fruits and vegetables can be such a hassle. Preparing them can be stressful too because they are not all pleasant tasting. A lot of people complain that the problem with healthy food is that they are not so great tasting. And preserving them can be such a challenge as they come in different seasons and spoil easily. To make sure we don't miss out on our daily nutrient needs (because of multiple trips to the store, season changes, preparation, or taste) Super Greens powders supplements were born. 

For health-conscious people and fitness enthusiasts, Super Greens is a great way to load up on the nutritional content of fruits and vegetables. A great addition to a pre-workout or post-workout drink. Super Greens powder is also a creative way for healthy parents to get their kids’ nutrition at its best without having to face the challenge of getting them to eat their fruits and vegetables. 

An average American meal has a lot of unhealthy fats, salts, sugars, not containing enough fruits, vegetables, whole grains, calcium, and fiber. Such a diet contributes to some of the health-related complications we see today. Super Greens powder supplements also fit into the busy lifestyle of most Americans as it can be incorporated into any meal choice. Super Greens powders go with water and other liquids. They have a rich green color and come in different

creative flavors. Many people don’t like how green juice tastes but Herbal Goodness Super Greens powder supplement has an amazing guava flavor that is both enticing and yummy.¹

Many foods provide lots of nutrients, but Super Greens are one of the best sources of nutrition. This is because they are a mix of several vegetables and fruits. Super Greens contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes that can help the body. They contain high levels of antioxidants. Super Greens powders go with water and other liquids. Natural sugar fill-ins like stevia extract can be added as well. Herbal Goodness Super Greens contains over 50 super herbs including papaya fruit. The formulations are vegan, as well as non-genetically-modified and organic.

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Because Green powders are high in minerals such as calcium and potassium, they are great for supporting healthy blood pressure. Magnesium in drinks made from super greens powders is great for protein synthesis and muscle function such as the heart.²

High levels of magnesium in the body also help boost blood flow. The nutritional benefits of spinach come into play in this instance. Spinach powder is also rich in nitrates, helping support healthy blood pressure levels. Super Greens contains high iron content which supports blood cells that aid in transporting oxygen in the body. The Logan College of Chiropractic, Chesterfield showed the effect of a fruit and vegetable powder mix on heart health. At the end of the test, the use of Super Greens powder for 90 days lowered blood pressure and improved heart health. A great way to boost heart health would be to go on a diet that includes Super Greens powder.

Other Health Benefits Of Super Greens

  • Boost Energy Levels: Super Greens powders have ingredients that may help increase energy. They are a healthy, longer-lasting source of energy. Add a spoon of  Herbal Goodness Super Greens to your smoothie every morning as a great way to up your energy levels. Your energy levels will be high all day, this is because Super Greens powders are rich in carbs and protein. Enough to give you a constant supply of energy all day.²
  • Gut Health: Super Greens contain a lot of digestive enzymes to help your body absorb the goodness of other ingredients. They contain prebiotic fibers that help maintain healthy digestion and promote gut health. If your digestive system isn't working well, your body might find it hard to absorb the healthy foods you eat.
  • Immune Boost: Super Greens powders have vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy immune. They contain vitamin C and E  that help to reduce the presence of free radicals within cells in our bodies. Taking Herbal Goodness Super Greens powder drinks could support your immunity.
  • Support Healthy Weight: Having a drink mixed with Super Greens powder can help you with cravings, and keep your appetite in check. When you feed your body with a lot of nutrients from a green drink, your brain stops sending you hunger signals. Fewer cravings, lower appetite, consuming less. This has the effect of helping you maintain a healthy weight while staying nourished.
  • Skin and Hair Support: Super Greens have amazing benefits for your skin and even hair. Plants high in chlorophyll are also rich in vitamin B, D, and E, excellent and vital for healthy hair and nail growth. Super Greens provides the body with vitamin A, which works against dry, flaky skin. Contains Vitamin C which protects from the sun's rays. Vitamin E helps fight against free radicals. Your body absorbs nutrients faster from fruits and vegetables. This contributes to the health of your tissues, including hair and nails.³

Herbal Goodness has made your fitness journey a whole lot easier. One scoop of our Super Greens Powder will help to energize you. With our Super Greens Powder, you'll be getting quality, powdered greens that are rich in vitamins, and minerals for great health.

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Adding our powder to your meal is quite easy; and because they’re so nutritious, a little bit goes a long way. Herbal Goodness Super Greens powder has a great taste and goes well with drinks, smoothies, or shake blends. It is also great for baking.

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Where and how your products are made is important. Our Herbal Goodness Super Greens powders are made in a KSA (Kosher) and FDA-approved facility. Made and packaged in the United States, we take great pride in our products. We make sure you are getting a healthy, premium product when you choose the Herbal Goodness brand. Go ahead and buy with confidence.


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