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Most people, especially women, are concerned about the appearance of their skin, which, over the years, requires more attention and care to stay firm and healthy. Because it is a completely visible part, many associate its concept with its most superficial layers and forget that their care also derives from internal factors, such as the nutritional supply of vitamins, proteins and minerals, fundamental for their full health, such as collagen. Collagen is a protein in the human body that is essential for maintaining beautiful, healthy, and lovely skin. Its name, derived from the Greek means “glue production” and this is literally its greatest responsibility, forming fibers that support cartilage, tendons, bones, skin, veins, muscle tissue and even teeth. Collagen is an essential protein for the human body to ensure elasticity, flexibility and hydration of the skin and cartilage of the face and body.

How collagen works in the skin
Collagen makes up 70% of the skin tissues and is a substance naturally produced by cells. It is responsible for maintaining structure, firmness and elasticity of the skin. The more collagen fibers your skin has, the firmer it is. Its function is not only important for the skin, but also for the general protection of muscles and bones. Collagen is also very important for hair, nails, ligaments, tendons and joints. The protein is responsible for holding the cells together and holding them tightly and indeed this is reflected in the skin.

However, with advancing age, around 25 to 30 years, the production of this protein tends to decrease (by about 1.0% - 1.5% per year), dehydrating the skin of the face and showing signs of sagging. This happens due to the aging of the fibroblast, which ends up reducing the production of collagen fibers, and depending on your life habits, this process can happen in a more or less intense way.

Collagen degeneration occurs due to many factors: being exposed to the sun is a very significant factor in collagen degeneration, especially in people who have a lighter skin type, causing skin aging earlier. Other factors that may cause collagen degeneration includes lack of sleep, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, and taking too much sugar. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain healthy habits and take good care of your skin every day, as these are methods that will stimulate the production of collagen in the skin.

How to replace collagen
Collagen degeneration can be a thorn in the flesh as it can impede the health of your skin. However, the good news is that you can ensure that your body gets enough collagen by taking:

  • Foods rich in collagen

To ingest collagen through food, you must consume foods rich in protein. Indeed, collagen is mainly found in the skin, bones and joints of animals. Foods rich in collagen may include pork skin (rind), salmon skin, beef, chicken and fish broths, brisket, seafood, and eggs. If you're a vegetarian who only favors plant-based foods, you can consume foods rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is important for the proper formation of collagen in the dermis and blood vessel walls. Because it is essential for skin maintenance and healing, vitamin C is indispensable for collagen metabolism. Foods rich in vitamin C include turmeric, tomatoes, flaxseed, fresh spinach, bell peppers, and fruits (orange, guava, strawberry, and cashew)

  • Collagen supplements

If you don't want to cook yourself beef broth or eat fruits every day, another way to increase the amount of collagen in the skin is to take collagen supplements that can help with this replacement. Collagen supplements provide a variety of health benefits with very few known risks. Asides improving skin health, collagen supplements may also help to prevent bone loss, boost muscle mass, relieve joint pain, promote heart health, and increase strength of the nails.

If our body already produces collagen, why use supplements?
The problem is that collagen doesn't last forever in the body. Over time, the production of these fibers decreases, causing the first signs of premature aging, especially on the face, which leads many people to resort to aesthetic procedures, such as filling with hyaluronic acid.

Apparently, collagen replacement through supplementation can be a good alternative to improving your skin. Supplements or organic products "enriched" with collagen are just as effective at increasing collagen in the body as any other naturally protein-rich food. What matters is the quality of the protein, and how intact its amino acids are. At the end of the day, protein is protein—whether it's from beans, eggs, or industrial collagen.

At Herbal Goodness, we strongly believe in the use of food as medicine and not medicine as food. That is why we have designed a wide range of supplements to help you achieve your health goals and dreams. Our vegan collagen supplements offer the best alternative to collagen replacement which facilitates skin tightening and helps you get your dream skin. Together, we can live longer and healthier radiating with youthful grace.

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