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When you having health issues as a child, your mother may have suggested that you drink a throat coat tea or a herbal tea. And, you know what? Your mother may have been onto something. Fact is, herbal tea and traditional tea have been  used for generations to soothe an upset stomach, support healthy weight, ease stress and improve sleep. 

So, what are the healthy ingredients in herbal tea, chamomile tea and valerian root tea? To begin, the best teas have antioxidants1 and nutrients such as Vitamin C, magnesium and potassium. For instance, Herbal Goodness' herbal teas naturally have iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and antioxidants. Another good thing about Herbal Goodness' herbal tea is that the teas are made from non-GMO herbs and super fruits. 

Herbal Tea Pregnancy

Herbal Goodness' Guava, Papaya and Graviola fruit products are actually grown on farms that have non-GMO soil. So too are Herbal Goodness' Guayusa, Moringa, Gymnema and Bamboo herb products. A reason for this has to do with Herbal Goodness' founders experience during her pregnancy. 

Dr. Unoma Okorafor, a West African native and Herbal Goodness founder, was pregnant when she learned that Papaya products in American stores, including natural food stores, were very different from natural papaya grown in Africa. 

Not one to give up, Dr. Okorafor searched diligently for natural papaya products. Seeing none, she set out to create a natural papaya product. Those efforts led to the formation of Herbal Goodness. Although Dr. Okorafor started her healthy foods search to ensure that she fed herself and her unborn child the best foods, an unexpected benefit has been discovered. 

5 Herbal Tea Sleep Improvers

And, what's that unexpected benefit? Herbal Goodness' herbal tea products support sleep. Fruit and herbs that the tea comes in include Graviola Leaf Tea, Papaya Leaf Tea, Guava Leaf Tea, Gymnema Leaf Tea, Bamboo Leaf Tea and Moringa Leaf Tea. As with any product, to support sleep, look for herbal tea, also referred to as pregnancy tea, that has low caffeine levels. 

Check out these five herbal tea options that support sleep. Remember, these teas can be good herbal tea pregnancy sleep supporters. 

  • Herbal Fruit Tea - Women love this tea for its flavors. For example, fruit teas come in strawberry, lemon balm tea, black cherry and blueberry. Herbal Goodness' non-GMO natural teas offer fruit flavors like papaya, guava and graviola.
  • Chamomile Tea - This tea may be known for its relaxing feel. Like Herbal Goodness' teas, chamomile tea may help to reduce negative immune responses and improve immunity.
  • Peppermint Herbal Tea - Love a good scent? Try a peppermint herbal tea.
  • Moringa Leaf Tea - This herbal tea is a muscle builder. When you drink this tea, you get 9 amino acids. Vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers enjoy Herbal Goodness' Moringa Leaf Tea.
  • Herbal Goodness Bamboo Leaf Tea - In addition to improving sleep, bamboo leaf tea supports hair, nail and the skin's youthful look. 

Don't Cut Back On Sleep

Despite how hectic your schedule might be, don't cut back on sleep. According to Harvard Medical School2, chronic sleep deprivation can cause memory loss, weight gain, irritability and immunity issues. It's generally okay if you have a few nights when you toss and turn in bed. But, you don't want to let insomnia become a habit. 

As a tip, to improve sleep, try putting your phone down an hour before you head to bed. Also, avoid caffeine and heavy or spicy food. It sounds simple. But, drinking a cup of chamomile tea, spearmint tea, lemon balm tea or Herbal Goodness' herbal tea can also improve sleep. 

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Fortunately, you have a wide selection of pregnancy tea and herbal tea to choose from at Herbal Goodness. For example, you can choose Graviola Leaf Tea, Papaya Leaf Tea, Guava Leaf Tea, Gymnema Leaf Tea, Bamboo Leaf Tea or Moringa Leaf Tea. 

moringa leaf extract

While you drink a cup of Herbal Goodness tea, listen to your favorite relaxing music. Another thing that you could do is to enjoy a relaxing bubble bath before you sit down with your warm, soothing tea. Click here to start enjoying Herbal Goodness tea


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