2019 Summer Bucket List: Seven Perfect Fun and Frugal Summer Activities | Herbal Goodness

For a season laden with heat and the sunbathing the earth in all its glory, summer is an apt time to detox your body of stress and have all the fun you’ve ever desired. No! Don’t think too far! You can still get the best from your summer without stressing your bank account. From tanning on the beach to having a picnic under the shade of a tree, there are a lot of ways to get the best summer experience without spending much. And we have listed seven of them for you. So grab your bucket and start filling.

1. Hiking: This is one opportunity where you bond with nature. The rhythm of your feet on the dry, jagged earth; the rustling of brown leaves; and the twitters of migrating swallows provide a sereneness with which you do not only detox your body but your mind also. As a tip, it is good you start your hike in the morning, that way you are in full tune with your environment since you aren’t weakened and distracted by high temperatures. Also, come along with a lot of water.

2. Photography: Have you ever gazed upon the sunlit sky and seen clouds as giant balls of cotton wool? During the summer, nature reveals some of the best forms of itself. However, nature’s revelation of its best forms isn’t enough sometimes. These forms, these beauties have to be fitted into pixels of memories. So whether with your phone or a camera, you can freeze nature’s beauty into art and beautiful memories. To make this more fun, you can have it as a photography challenge with your friends.

3. Sports: You can treat yourself to a game of outdoor pool, soccer, golf, volleyball or basketball with your friends. Also, riding a bicycle can be a good alternative to hiking during the summer. Furthermore, non-physically exerting games such as chess, scrabble and monopoly can be played on a bed of grass while you munch on sandwiches, and sip on a cold glass of juice.

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4. Book Reading: Summertime can be a period to try and develop new reading habits. Say your partner is a bibliophile like you are, you can try out book reading dates in a park or at the terrace of the house. You and your friends can gather outdoor to read and discuss chapters of books spanning from history, biographies, fantasy, urban fiction, plays, and poetry. Also, another way to do this is to take a trip every day to the local library and read while the sun blazes in the afternoon sky.

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5. Movies: Summer nights can be movie nights. All you need is a projector, a laptop, a space at the back of your house, bags of popcorn, and friends. Google the latest blockbusters of 2019 and fill your summer with intrigue, suspense and fun. (Whispers: Think of the season finale of Game of Thrones. Or think of seeing all Marvel Cinematic Universe collections as your tribute to Stan Lee.)

6. Cookouts: Add some flavour to your picnics by choosing to do some outdoor cooking in lieu of bringing already prepared meals to the picnic venue. Foods that can be cooked outdoors can be noodles, pasta, roast beef or chicken or pig, and rice. These can be served with juice or smoothies also prepared fresh from fruits like oranges, bananas, pawpaw, graviola, tangerine, et cetera.

7. Travelling: Travelling rejuvenates your mind and body. Summertime is a good time to be on a road trip with some company and see nearby cities around you. Journey through roads bestrode with lush vegetation and lose yourself to reverie as you bask in some country music and a warm summer air.

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