Cat's Claw Extract - Organic Liquid - Joint and Bone Support - Herbal Goodness

Cat's Claw Extract - Organic Liquid - Joint and Bone Support - Herbal Goodness

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Discover the wonders of Cat's Claw, a tropical plant native to the Amazon rainforest, through Herbal Goodness' Cat's Claw liquid extract. With centuries of historical use, Cat's Claw supplements have gained modern popularity for their multitude of health benefits. Our liquid extract is a convenient way to harness the immune-boosting and digestion-promoting properties of this plant on the go. Crafted with non-GMO, kosher, and vegan-friendly ingredients, it's a wholesome addition to your daily routine.

Liquid nutrients, as opposed to pills, are efficiently processed by the digestive system and rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, ensuring your body reaps the maximum benefits. Dive into the goodness of Cat's Claw and enjoy a 10% discount when you buy Case Qty units. Health benefits include aiding digestion, thanks to its antioxidants, and providing immune support by enhancing your body's ability to fend off invaders.


We take great pride that our product is manufactured and packaged in the United States. Every batch of our products are safe from microbial contamination and heavy metals.


Cats Claw Leaf Extract, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Purified Water    

*Please note that the information provided here is for general guidance and should not replace professional medical advice.

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