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Our Papaya Leaf Extracts were some of our first products at Herbal Goodness and continue to be our best selling products. We’ve talked on this blog about the benefits of Papaya Seeds and even Papaya Fruit, like green and ripe papaya. However, we haven’t really dived into explaining in detail why we love our papaya leaf products as well. 

A lot of you may already know some of the benefits that papaya leaves offer, but we urge you to read through to the end of this post. You may learn a few new things about this magical part of the fruit that you didn’t realize before. There are so many nutritious goodies packed into each and every leaf, and our extracts aim to keep as much of that powerful health boost as possible. This is what you should know about papaya leaf and our papaya leaf extracts as a whole. 

What’s the Deal with Papaya Leaf? 

Papaya leaf contains the supper enzymes papain and chymopapain. These two enzymes help to digest proteins, wheat, fat, and carbohydrates and help to speed up metabolism. That’s the reason why papaya leaves are often used in meat tenderizers, they’re great at breaking down those tough parts of the meat. In fact, papain is so powerful that it can digest an amazing 200 times its own weight in protein.

The same process applies to your body when you ingest papaya leaves, they help break down those foods in your body that you may need a little extra help with. In general, papaya leaves help maintain healthy digestion that keeps the rest of your body functioning at optimal levels. 

Because digestion is so important to your overall health, this is one of the natural benefits of papaya leaves that we put a lot of emphasis on. A healthy digestive system is a key to longevity and a healthy body. 

In addition to digestion, papaya leaf is also key to boosting the immune system because of the many nutrients that can be found within the leaves. These leaves pack a punch of good things for your body, which in turn, helps to boost your immune system. 

Another important health benefit of papaya leaf is its ability to help maintain healthy blood platelet levels. And if you didn't know already, blood platelets are incredibly important to your health. 

The official definition states that "platelets are the cells that circulate within our blood and bind together when they recognize damaged blood vessels.”

In essence, blood platelets allow your blood to coagulate and clot where there is an open cut. They stop us from bleeding by attaching themselves to damaged blood vessels and repairing them in the process. Because of their importance in the bloodstream, platelets help maintain healthy cardiovascular function as well. 

Papaya leaf also contains the rare plant enzyme fibrin, an insoluble protein involved in blood clotting.

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So Why Papaya Leaf Extract?

Our papaya leaf extract is a glycerin extract made using the whole organic papaya leaf herb and containing nutrients that provide better bio-absorption. Better absorption means more nutrients that get to your body faster.

A Look at Our Papaya Leaf Extract Products 

  • Papaya Leaf Liquid Extract

Arguably our most popular product, our papaya leaf liquid extract maintains healthy blood platelet count, supports immune system function & aids digestion. It helps maintain the right balance of free radicals in the body, and it’s a source of the protein-digesting enzyme papain, which helps break down proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to naturally speed up your metabolism. Basically, this is a great choice if you want the all-around benefits of papaya leaf for a boost in daily health.

Our liquid extract comes in a 16oz bottle and is made with long-lasting PH-balanced vegetable glycerin, and is therefore extremely shelf stable with no preservatives. Adding heat or freezing it does not affect the bioavailability of the papaya leaf properties. As a herbal supplement, take one spoonful 2-3 times a day with food. 

You can find the product here or in bulk

  • Papaya Leaf Extract Capsules

In addition to aiding with digestion and immunity, our papaya leaf extract capsules have vitamins and nutrients that help maintain a healthy immune system and support the normal production of blood platelets in your body. 

Each bottle contains 60 - 600mg veggie capsules made from Leaf Extract 10:1. It’s meant as a dietary supplement for adults, take one capsule with a glass of water after food, twice a day. 1 capsule = 3 cups of papaya leaf tea. Basically, this is a great choice if you want to focus on maintaining your blood platelets at the most optimal levels. 

You can find the product here or in capsule form or bulk herbs here

  • Papaya Leaf Extract Blood Support 

Lastly, our papaya leaf blood support formula helps promote a healthy and clean blood stream and maintain blood platelet functions. This herbal blood re-builder is made up of herbs that are cleansers and astringents to aid in regulating cell function, promoting the boost of platelets, and building elasticity and strength in the walls of the veins and arteries. 

We understand that the bloodstream is life itself. It is important to keep it as clean and pure as possible so that nutrients are efficiently delivered to the body, and waste products are picked up and taken for elimination.

Each bottle contains 60 - 450 mg veggie capsules, and it’s meant as a dietary supplement for adults. Take two capsules with a glass of water after food, twice a day. Two week supply. Basically, this is a great choice if you want an overall healthy bloodstream and the all-around benefits of papaya leaf in capsule form. 

You can find the product here or in bulk from here.  Also, Check out our Graviola Leaf Extract Capsule.

We'd love to know -- Have you tried our Papaya Leaf Extracts? What's your favorite health benefit from papaya leaves? 

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