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Health trends come and go for a variety of reasons. Sometimes health products get spotlighted too early, before the products are repeatedly tested by enough people to gain real public confidence. Other times, people simply don't stick with the health product, taking it daily until their body absorbs the product, until they experience an enduring improvement. Fortunately, some health products provide proven long term benefits. For example, there are natural plants like the Moringa tree that have been tested and used for years, a plant made available in multiple non-GMO forms through the woman-owned company, Herbal Goodness.

Moringa Health Benefits

Referred to as the miracle tree, Moringa oleifera has been used for centuries by people living in Northern India and Southern Asia. Today, Moringa can be found growing in Latin America and Africa.1 It takes the Moringa tree about eight months to break ground, mature and bloom. If you crack a Moringa fruit open, it looks a little like an opened pea pod. Yet, each part of Moringa plant, including the root, has either vitamins, minerals or nutrients that support the human system. 

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Furthermore, Moringa uses range from better digestion, stronger bones, improved vision and healthier blood pressure.2 We've narrowed down five reasons why Moringa is becoming the next big health trend for you: 

  • Better Mental Health - Moringa health benefits that are linked to antioxidants in the tree may help to reduce stress .As your body absorbs Moringa plant nutrients, you might also notice that you feel more energized.
  • Less Joint Pain - Particularly, Moringa leaf extract or Moringa leaf powder can reduce fluid swelling that causes joint pain and stiffness.
  • Faster Wound Healing - Extract from Moringa could help wounds to heal faster. Another way that Moringa benefits skin is in how it can help scars from wounds to diminish.
  • Strong Respiration - Nutrients in the Moringa flower and the Moringa leaf have been associated with improved breathing. This is due to antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and vitamins in the Moringa plant.
  • Maintain Healthy Weight - So many are trying to lose excess pounds. Fortunately, Herbal Goodness Moringa Leaf Extract Liquid or Moringa Leaf Extract Capsules can enhance your healthy weight efforts. 

Moringa is loaded with Vitamin C. Its leaves alone have more than three times the Vitamin C that you get when you eat an orange. You may not hear a lot about it. But, Moringa also has more potassium than bananas. As far as side effects, Moringa bark, flowers or pulp may cause low blood pressure and be harmful for pregnant woman, as Moringa bark, flowers or pulp could negatively impact the uterus.3  Make sure that you consult your doctor before you take Moringa if you are on a prescription. 

How You Can Get Moringa

Health food stores sell Moringa powder. But, because health food stores generally don't manufacture the product, they may not know if GMO properties and other unsafe ingredients are in the Moringa that they sell. A sure way to be confident that you're getting natural Moringa that's free of GMO and other harmful properties is to buy Moringa Leaf Extract from Herbal Goodness. 

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Furthermore, Herbal Goodness has a history of caring about Mother Earth and its residents. This woman-owned company donates 10% of its profits toward education. It does this through a scholarship to its farmers' family members and through programs like WAAW (Working to Advance African Women) Foundation. At a time when world leaders, business experts and educators are finally recognizing the importance of women being strong STEM participants, it's refreshing to know that Herbal Goodness is committed to women empowerment, African girls' STEM development, the health of Mother Earth and your overall well being. Click here to get natural Moringa products from Herbal Goodness


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