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It’s amazing how some simple things in life can make us feel. Like the basic act of cleaning up and de-cluttering your home, for instance.

It feels rejuvenating, and mentally, you feel like a load has been eased off your shoulders. You are able to think more clearly, you feel more upbeat about life, and a certain sense of peace engulfs you.

It is like an emotional tonic, washing away all the mental clutter and dust that has been gathering for heaven knows how long.

That is the feeling spring cleaning brings. It makes you feel more alive.

Spring cleaning, however, is more than just tossing out the old clothes from your closet and getting rid of the junk that has been piling up in the basement. It is also about de-cluttering your emotional and mental life, leaving you feeling revitalized. Mentally free.

And it provides you with the momentum to plow through the rest of the year. Or until the next spring clean.

Below, we reveal some major ways you can embark on an epic spring clean to renew both your mind and soul.

Your home

The home is the personal space you retreat to every other day, if not every day. Your home should be filled with this beautiful soothing energy that allows you to relax and recharge. That cannot happen in earnest if it is filled with clutter that only serves to trap in old energy.

The closet is always a nice place to start. Get rid of everything you no longer use – the clothes, the shoes, the purses. As well, toss out those clothes you do not feel bring out the “amazing” in you, or anything that brings back memories of what once was.

Make room in the fridge and cabinets by getting rid of stuff that has been sitting there since last Christmas.

This same goes for the drawers, as is every other area of your home prone to clutter – the basement or garage, perhaps, your home office maybe etc.

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Your health and body

Our physical wellbeing determines a lot about how we think and feel inside. All those things your nutritionist keeps warning you about will cause you to pack up the pounds, rob you of energy and ultimately lead to health issues.

Diet and exercise should be part and parcel of your spring cleaning efforts. Diet is probably the wrong word here as this is a term you should purge from your vocab. Opt for natural foods over processed, fruits and vegetables over succulent steak servings five nights a week, homemade over takeout.

This doesn’t mean you should revamp your eating habits overnight. No, that’s hardly practical.

Try committing to a week or month of spring cleaning your diet by opting for smarter eating choices which mostly revolve around more of veggies, fruit, and water. Nobody says to cut off the meat in its entirety. Just in moderation, especially red.

In addition to eating right, exercise is another nice way to improve your physical and emotional wellbeing and should be a spring cleaning item to focus on.

As well, a fresh look may do us a world of good, so it is definitely something else to think about.

Remember, the whole idea is to eliminate what’s no longer working in favor of things that bring more joy and positive energy into our lives.

Reevaluate your relationships

It is no secret that toxic relationships drain you of energy. Sometimes, we tend to underestimate how much of an influence this has on our overall wellbeing, whether it be negatively affecting our mood, self-esteem or zest for life.

Relationships don’t need to be toxic per se to impact on our emotional wellbeing. Sometimes, it’s best to cut ties that are no longer reflective of the person we are. Or no longer align with our current values or ideals. Relationships that only focus on tales of yesteryear.

This includes your relationship with your partner. Is it still in the green? Are there things you can work on to improve the relationship? Would you be better off by calling it quits?

Relationship decisions are decisions best figured out on a clear head, though, as opposed to irrationally.


Reboot your social media and clean up your digital space

Sometimes, we tend to overestimate the importance of our social media acquaintances. Social media is a leading cause of stress and depression today, more than we care to give thought to.

Rethink your online acquaintances by de-cluttering those friends and follow lists that just do nothing but rub you off in the wrong way. Friends. Political stuff. NSFW images and more.

As well, get rid of all emails, documents, pictures, and files you no longer need and are just taking up space on your devices.

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Career and professional life

When it comes to spring cleaning your career and professional life, you may want to adopt a subtler approach as opposed to quick “cleaning”.

If you feel your work has been a source of unhappiness, you likely won’t be able to take drastic measures given it is where you get your daily jam from. But it is probably high time you shifted attention to this area.

Our professional life has a huge influence on our identity and self-esteem, never mind happiness. Including it in our spring cleaning may thus help reveal ways we can work around the issue at hand, whatever that may be, whether it is on our own or enlisting external help – spouse, boss, colleague, mentor, coach, recruiter you name it.

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Last Word

While spring is logically the season to embark on “spring cleaning”, the beauty of spring cleaning is that it doesn’t have to be defined by the time of year we’re in.

If you strongly feel your life could do with some good dusting off, by all means, take the time to get rid of the deadwood in your life and freshen things up with an injection of positivity. Doesn’t matter whether it’s winter. Doesn’t matter whether it’s summer.

Spring cleaning is all about making room for us to grow and flourish.

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