Are pesticides really harmful to the food I eat? | Herbal Goodness

So many consumers are unaware of the dangers of pesticides present in their food, some don't even know they exist. There is a growing consensus in the scientific community that the dangers of pesticides found in our food are all too real to be ignored, even very low levels of these chemicals consumed over a long period of time can adversely affect our health because pesticides are TOXIC! It even says exactly that on the label, it is also well established that fetuses and children are especially prone to the harmful effects of pesticides, where exposure can result in long-lasting health issues.

Are organic foods an excellent way to limit the harmful effects of pesticides?
Chemical pesticides not only deplete the nutritional value of the soil and eventually our food but also contaminate it. While pesticides are designed to kill living organisms, they are certainly not meant to enter our bodies. However, there’s more to consider than just the amount of pesticides in the food you eat, tolerance levels for individual pesticides must also be calculated, some pesticides possess high tolerance levels which can easily spread over a long time before causing any bodily harm while others are generally above EPA  tolerance limits that might be harmful as soon as you eat food containing it.

 Many of these chemicals have known or suspected carcinogenic or endocrine-disrupting properties, endocrine disruptors can block or mimic the action of hormones, even at low doses. Endocrine effects aren’t sufficiently factored into the EPA pesticide-tolerance levels, there’s a concern they could cause reproductive disorders, birth defects or other hormone-related complications. Some suggestions have been made that adults and children living in farm communities could also be at risk for chronic health problems if the application of these pesticides is not properly controlled.

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