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Graviola, Soursop, Guanabana, Have you heard of all these names before, or at least one? Well, don’t worry as they are all the same thing! What’s more, they are not new, they have been used for centuries. You might be asking “But what is it?” Well, it is a small little tree, evergreen, meaning that no matter the season this tree is green and thriving, perfect to cultivate all year round. On this tree, you will find shiny big green leaves, and then lastly, on this tree, you will find the Graviola fruit. These trees do not grow in just anyone’s backyard, they love tropical weather like the Amazon Rainforest. Wouldn’t you like to live in a tropical climate? I know I would!

History time.

Quite a few different people discovered this plant, seeing as it grows in different regions, South and North America as well as Hawaii. That explains why it has so many different names. For example, when you meet new people they associate something different with you and give you a nickname. The name "Soursop" likely comes from the taste and the feels - The fruit is a sweetsop with a tinge of sour. The names "Graviola" and "Guanabana" on the other hand are just from the different regions and languages of the people who found the plant, - names comes from the different languages they speak. Guanabana is Spanish, for example, while Graviola is Portuguese used in Brazil.

How it was used.

At first, the Graviola tree was used only partly, for example, only the seeds. Imagine that, the fruit, leaves, and seeds were only used for some of their abilities. Luckily, as humans evolved so did our knowledge about the fruit. Thank goodness. We realized that it contained so many vitamins and minerals, over 30 different ones actually, Vitamin A, B 12, C,  B 6, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, just to name a few.

Graviola can still be used for its original purpose, though. Yet, now that we know more, we realized that we can make an extract, tea, and powders. All delicious. These we can add to foods like smoothies, puddings, snacks, teas and more. By adding Graviola to your favorite feel-good meal, it helps you to feel relaxed and even boosts your immune system. Especially with that vitamin D!


So there you have it, a short history of Graviola. Which name do you prefer? Why not have a look at the different products we sell, such as the Organic Graviola Leaf Tea, or Organic Graviola Fruit Powder?

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