Natural Products Expo West

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Natural Products Expo West

Growing numbers of health conscious adults are creating demand for more safe, organic and non-GMO products and services. Health food stores and retailers that focus on restoring the environment are good places to find these products. But, getting eco-friendly cleaners, furniture and organic food could easily add time to your already busy weekend, requiring you to stop at three to four different stores to get everything on your shopping list. A better alternative is Natural Products Expo West, the world's largest healthy products event that's attended by leading organic fruit, super greens and food manufacturer, Herbal Goodness.

 Natural Products Expo West 2020

Natural Products Expo West held its first event in 1981. The organization behind the natural food expo is New Hope Network, formerly called New Hope Natural Media. New Hope Network launched in 1975. It's the work that New Hope Network host that attracted Herbal Goodness to its annual natural products expo.

Importantly, New Hope Network offers solutions to companies like Herbal Goodness, a true front-runner in the healthy lifestyle industry. For example, New Hope Network provides research, data analytics and events solutions to retailers, manufacturers and distributors. Natural Products Expo West is among the network's leading events.

From the start, the natural food expo was a success. As many as 3,000 people attended the first expo. Fast forward 37 years and the natural food expo was pulling in 85,540 attendees. That's not all. More than 3,520 companies have attended the annual expo, showcasing innovative eco-friendly products, organic super foods like Bamboo Leaf Liquid Extract, Papaya Leaf Blood Support Formula and organic Moringa Leaf Tea.

Early Days Of Successful Natural Products Expo West

Even more, in 2018 as many as 132 countries were represented at the expo. As it has been in past years, Natural Products Expo West 2020 will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center. The trade show takes place March 3 thru March 7. Natural and organic food manufacturers, retailers and distributors will be on site. Herbal Goodness has been showcasing its premiere products at the expo since 2012.

Whether you love healthy, organic teas, nuts, pasta, fruits or vegetables, there's an organization at the natural expo that may have what you're looking for. Stop by the Herbal Goodness booth and learn more about the manufacturer's new product line.

papaya leaf extract herbal goodnes

When you visit us at Expo West 2020, you'll get the chance to meet and speak with Herbal Goodness representatives. This is your opportunity to ask Herbal Goodness pros about the company's new and existing product lines, including its Green Papaya Powder Capsules, Papaya Leaf Extract Juice, Guava Leaf Tea and Guayusa Leaves.

 If you're looking for a product that supports healthy hair, skin and nails, make your way to Booth 9401, the Herbal Goodness booth. Growing consumer demand for Herbal Goodness products, including its products that support healthy hair, skin and nails, has called for the leading manufacturer of organic, non-GMO, fair trade supplements to spotlight more of its products at Natural Products Expo West.

Herbal Goodness And Natural Products Expo West

Herbal Goodness Expo West

100% women owned, Herbal Goodness is bringing its products that are made with horsetail, silica and collagen. These are the very resources that support clear, healthy skin, strong nails and full, radiant hair. Come visit our Booth 9401. We want to see our customers. 10% of our profits support education for girls in Africa.

 Also, as a highlight, while you visit our Booth 9401, you could meet Dr. Unoma Okorafor, Founder and CEO of Herbal Goodness, in person. This is a rare opportunity to connect with Herbal Goodness' owner and learn more about the company's super foods, health supplements and Natural Foods Expo West solutions.

In addition to learning more about super foods, organic products, supplements and non-GMO products, attendees at the natural food expo will also get to attend education sessions. These sessions cover topics like dietary supplements and non-GMO verification. There's also the chance to take a nature walk and learn at the natural products business school. We want to see you there! Come visit our Booth 9401.

To learn more Herbal Goodness and how we give back to the community and African girls, click here.


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