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Staying Healthy This Halloween  | Herbal Goodness

October is here again and Halloween is upon us, my favorite part about this season is all the creativity that comes with the decorations and the costumes but let’s take a collective calming breath for a minute.
Sure, Halloween is a nutrition nightmare, it’s one day and one day of overdoing won't hurt anyone. But here’s something I bet you never thought of before. You can actually use the horrors of Halloween learn some healthy eating habits for you and your entire family.

It is actually a great time of the year to begin practicing balance and mindfulness when it comes to eating since it's the official kick-off of the holiday season.
It’s a day when we’re most likely to be upfront about all the excess. That honesty makes it easier for parents to talk to their children about managing abundance. Remember, it's alright to indulge in treats, just don't forget to practice moderation.

Eat without Over-indulging.

Avoid emotional eating, with all that extra sugar around, don’t let stress and overwhelm tip the scales! If you find your hand in the treat bowl, ask yourself if candy is what you need or if there is a better fit for what you are really craving. Are you actually hungry, or are you tired, bored, stressed, or looking for a quick pick me up? Make a pact not to use Halloween treats to feed your hidden pangs of hunger.

Incorporate Organic Foods into your Diet in a Healthy Way.

Experiment with new foods and flavors and how to integrate organic foods into their diets in a way that works for you and especially your kids. Even very young children can understand a simple statement like,
“We eat fruits and vegetables more often than candy.”

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Go Green this Halloween.

Eating foods in relation to their health benefits is, hands down, the most important thing you can do and teach your kids about eating. Especially in today’s environment, where sweets and treats are everywhere.
This Halloween, decorate with organic pumpkins, papaya, oranges, and squash, and then eat the decorations! With bellies full of nutrient-dense foods, the trick-or-treat candy baskets will remain full, too.

This is our perfect idea of trick and treats this Halloween
May you look scarier than ever and we hope you have many reasons to smile this Halloween.
Have a really spooky Healthy Halloween and BOOO..... to you.

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